Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maggie and the Machine.

I went in to get my hair done today with only a vague idea of what I really wanted. On one hand, I thought to myself, "Mad Men. Let's do Joan!" although I have only seen the show once. (I have seen a lot of the curvaceous Christina Hendricks in magazines and online, so perhaps that is what fueled the desire to go red. That, or Harry Potter and Ron Weasley...) The other option was Debbie Harry's signature platinum tresses and onyx ends, but I thought that would scream "desperate soccer mom" in the carpool line. Forget that my kids don't play sports ("yet", she added hopefully...) I don't want it to seem as if I am trying too hard. There is hardly anything more tragic, is there?

I love going to this particular stylist. Is that even the right word, now? Hair artist? He is not only a creative genius, but is also kind, patient, erudite, and funny. He is also exceedingly diplomatic. Some of his clients (not me, I don't think...) are insufferable, the type that complain that The Four Seasons in Fancyville was just not quite to their standards ("Can you believe that the bellboy scratched my new Louis with his belt buckle? Why was he so close to it?!" "Oh, Newport Beach is so hideous now. It's full of dull, poor people." And he will smile, and chat, and agree, and not once roll his eyes or cough knowingly. A true professional. (I, however, am not so diplomatic. But it's good practice at controlling my emotions.)

Well, you see what I have chosen. The color looks a bit soft through the gauzy, loving gaze of the webcam, as though I had wandered into a Monet painting and returned covered in the dew of water lilies. In reality it is a bit more Mad Men-meets-Florence (without her Machine)-meets-Agent Scully-meets-Ginger from Gilligan's Island. I have gotten stares and shocked looks (the kind where eyes open wide, close for a moment, then open again.) When I went to pick up my kids from camp, my daughter was so overcome that she tripped and fell into a bin of cans waiting to be hauled off for recycling. "WHAT DID YOU DO??" she squealed.

All in all, I think it's a success.

Florence and the Machine -Heavy in Your Arms


  1. Hello Maggie:
    We should always say, Go for it [whatever 'it' may be], and here you have gone for it! Wonderful. It looks really, really good. And why not?

    Your hair stylist/artiste/dresser [even] sounds to be a true professional and probably has a mine of stories up his sleeve for the odd dinner party. Invite him and find out!

  2. Greetings, dearest Jane and Lance:

    I was ready for a change! Thank you for the compliment. In my view, it's only hair. If I don't like it tomorrow, or in a week, I can change it back.

    As for my dear artiste - I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. Of course, he is so discreet that he will share the juiciest tidbits sans names or other identifying characteristics - and that may prove a kind of tantalizing torture.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't wait to see this in person!!!!!!!!!

    (Did I sound like a teeny bopper. Your new hair makes me feel like one. :))

  4. Suze! Thank you for the unmitigated excitement! At first I couldn't tell if that was a cry of pain or pleasure...

  5. Hey Maggie: I would never walk about with the Scottish flag on a sweater - I'd look like a nut!
    But RL made your flag a fashion statement ;)

    Even when I was young I never had the nerve to try anything different with my hair, I love red hair.

  6. Oh and Lebanese food is my absolute favourite!

  7. Hi, Maggie. I am no expert on hair color or cosmetology, but I know enough that your hair looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by the Society. Nice to have you along, and please consider me a follower as well.

  8. Bourbon & Pearls: Maybe we can set RL on other countries as well! I wonder what the new craze in flags will be?

    Bryce: Thank you for your kind comments, and that you for coming along for the ride. I am enjoying the Society very much.

  9. What's wrong with your hair?
    Kids, they always think parents are a hundred years old and never ever have any interest in how they look.

    After years of deep chestnut I am going blond - well grey with blond streaks. Makes me look ten years younger.

    (Did he give you something to eat?)

  10. I love the color.

    I once went burgundy and gave many people a shock.

  11. Friko: What's wrong? As in what did I do? Or What's wrong? as in, it looks awesome? :) You must post some pictures of your new coif!

    Medeia: Thanks! I'm thinking Narcissa Malfory is going to be my next muse...let's see how shocking that will be! (If my hair doesn't fall out, that is..)