Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amb o Sense Vostè.

Well, we are on the second leg of our journey (and have been for a few days now, actually.) Can you guess where we are? It's been tiring and fun. Ah, summer hols on the Med. Nothing like it, really. (That was in an effort to make me sound sort of smoothly European. Don't think it worked.)

Barcelona. View from top of La Pedrera, looking down Passeig de Gracia.

La Pedrera (Casa Milà). One of Antoni Gaudí's most famous buildings.

Window, La Pedrera.

Rooftop, La Pedrera. (Or something on Tatooine...)

Attic, La Pedrera.


Of course, Spanish is the official language of Spain, but we are here in Catalunya, so signs are first in Catalan, then Spanish, then English. This is written on the intersection, and apparently translates loosely as, "look both ways or you will die". (Actually, it says 1 out of 3 fatal accidents in Barcelona involve pedestrians.) Catalan is a beautiful language, not too difficult to figure out if you have an advanced degree in Romance languages. The pronunciation is not phoenetic.

There was a hotel on fire in Las Ramblas. It was basically just smoking when we came round, but I I loved this fire truck. It was so tiny!


  1. Hello Maggie:
    How wonderful to be in Barcelona, a city about which we have heard and read so much but have yet to visit.

  2. Hello Hattatts!

    Although I am loyal to London (true love never grows old), I am developing a bit of a mad crush on Barcelona.

  3. I love these photographs, Mags.

    And I thought you sounded quite smooth and European. But this is coming from a (soy)milk-fed Westerner in the good ol' US of A ...