Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spam I Am.

Today, I came face to face with irrefutable proof that I lead a fairly mundane existence: the contents of my junk mail folder. My friends complain about all manner of lascivious letters, be it in the form of invitations to chat rooms, entreaties to buy recreational drugs, and the like. Behold, now, the 10 most recent items clogging my junk mail folder. "Clogging" is inaccurate. Peppering, perhaps?

1. Real Estate School
2. Start Your Own Franchise
3. Trucking Career (The internet is obviously desperate that I procure gainful employment...)
4. Business Credit Card (see??)
5. Certified Nursing Assistant (Well, at least I seem to have many talents!)
6. MGM Grand Las Vegas (Do they want me to work, or vacation?)
7. Bra (Sexy and supportive! Wow. That's it? Not even Victoria's Secret. Just..."Bra".)
8. Cooking School (I feel like a Barbie with all these career Astronaut next?)
9. EZ-Online RX - FINALLY. But it's all Viagra and Cialis and Levitra. Not quite up my alley.
10. Tires - REALLY? Ok, I did buy a tire online ONCE. Maybe that explains it.

Not only is the spam uninteresting, I barely get any. Maybe my email provider is doing a great job at separating the wheat from the chaff. Maybe I just need to get a life.



  1. Ha! I love your labels!

    I never get any spam. Not a single email. But then, I've had about fourteen email addresses in the last three years so maybe I dodge spam.

  2. I started getting spam after listing my email in my Blogger profile. Before that, I got nothing.

    Have a great weekend.