Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever.

Look! Look! Thanks be to Suze, aka Girl Wizard for this wonderful accolade. She is, as probably ALL of you know, one of the most intelligent, sweet, and erudite people out there, not only in the blogoshpere, but in the real world.

I am supposed to pass on this award to five worthy bloggers, but as I am new to this whole thing, and think nobody is as worthy as I am, I refuse. Not really. The truth is, I need a bit more time, since most everyone I follow has a. won the award already or b. has too many followers to qualify. I will have to revisit this then at a later time, but am basking in a glow of gratefulness.

I have rarely won anything in my life. This is not to say my life has been marked by loss (although when that HAS happened, it's always been a doozy). Once, though, I did win a paid vacation for two to Las Vegas through a drawing sponsored by a local radio station. It included airfare, two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel, and two tickets to see...Ted Nugent. I was about 22 years old at the time, unmarried, without boyfriend or partner, and unfamiliar with anything regarding Ted except for his love of guns. I took my then 19 year-old brother with me, who was too young to gamble or do anything remotely Vegas-esque. We gave the tickets away to some long-haired rockers in the lobby and managed to have a great time, although at one point we found ourselves in a seedy strip mall on the wrong side of The Strip. The rest of THAT story, dear friends, is best left to the mists of time. (I assure you though, regardless of how I phrased it, the excursion did not include stripping or strip clubs or anything of the sort.) Even today, we laugh about the adventure and the fun we had, and still plan to revisit The Hard Rock Hotel's tasty diner, Mr. Lucky's 24/7. Good times, good times.

That was pretty cool, but it was also very random. This award is not - I was CHOSEN!! And somebody loves me for my mind! - so again, thank you!

And for your pleasure, THIS.


  1. Congrats on your award, Maggie!!!

    I know there are a lot more in your future.
    Great blog, and I enjoyed your trip down memory lane.

  2. Great story about Vegas! I would go see the Nuge in concert tomorrow if I had tickets!

  3. Bryce: Thank you for all the compliments. Your blog is a pretty tasty morsel as well.

    Shawn: That is not my BEST story about Vegas, but the other ones may not be blog fodder...I had no idea you were a fan of the Nuge! :)

  4. What's up, buttercup? The CHOSEN one. Tell *that* to the Titanium Child. ;P

  5. Hello Maggie:
    Absolutely no more than you deserve. We are delighted for you.

    But, DO spill the beans about the Las Vegas trip. We are all ears!!

  6. Suze: Ha ha! I hope he checks in and reads your comment!

    Jane and Lance: Thank you! I will spill the beans...but not in public!

  7. Mentions of Ted Nugent tend to lead to good stories, and this one lived up to the expectations. :)

    I've never been to Vegas, so for now I have to live vicariously through stories.

  8. Hektor: I would love to hear more stories about Ted Nugent if you have them! And you MUST make your way to Vegas. It's everything you've heard - and more!

  9. Hi,
    I was also a recipient from Suze. Ain't Vegas BRILLIANT. I was there in my late 20s and spent about 4 days on one of those mechanical horse racing games, drinking free Bourbon and to boot, I won about $50. At a quarter a race, believe me, that takes dedication and some liver damage!
    Great to meet you and, fellow award winner, congrats!

  10. No Maggy, that doesn't work. Now you have to tell. You can tidy it up a bit or you can invent bits of it, but tell you must.

  11. Yay, for the award.

    Sounds like a fun trip to Vegas. Ted was big when I was in hs. I remember my brother had his album ... on vinyl. :)

  12. I'm rocking out to the video now.

    I love Vegas. I need to go again. The weather was horrible when I went, so no adventures for me.

    Congrats on the award.

  13. go maggie!! well-deserved!!

    and i love the story about the vegas adventure....what a hoot! would love to hear more about that in a future post.......

  14. YONKS. I think we should go to Vegas together; it sounds like it would be a blast! And thanks for the congratulations!

    Friko: I will think about it...

    M Pax: Thank you so much. Maybe you can join YONKS and I when we go....

    Amanda: Thank you! And as for a future Vegas post...perhaps, perhaps...

  15. Medeia: Of course you have to join along, too! :)